If you own shares in your business, your focus is probably on working with your fellow shareholders to maximise your profits. But if something unexpected happened to you, would your beneficiaries share the same business goals?

Your fellow shareholders might have to work with partners who have little or no interest in the business. Or your beneficiaries could find themselves owning shares that nobody is prepared to buy.

As always, effective planning is key to avoid situations like these.

We will find out exactly what you need and talk through ways you could give your fellow shareholders the means to buy your shares and let your beneficiaries realise the market value of your shareholding.

This is known as share purchase assurance. It’s an element of succession planning that deals with the purchase and sale of shares following the death of a shareholder.

The arrangement makes sure that surviving directors can receive your shares when you die and keep the business going without external or inexperienced shareholders getting involved. Your estate will also receive a cash sum for the value of those shares.

Deciding whether share purchase is needed – including how it should be structured – is fundamental to the process. We will help you make that decision.